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About Me in Spokane, WA

Lucinda J Rotter MS PS LMHC
I am a licensed mental health counselor serving the Spokane area in outpatient mental health care since 1992. I hold a Master of Science in clinical psychology and graduated summa cum laude from Eastern Washington University. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, suicidality, grief and loss, trauma, chronic illness, pain management, childhood and adolescent issues, parenting and step parenting, and stress management. I utilize brief, solution focused psychotherapy for most immediate clinical symptoms, and case manage medications in conjunction with medical providers. I serve as a referral service for clients to other specialist providers when a client requires additional care beyond my scope of practice. Long term care is employed where chronic conditions or personality disorders are present.
Severe mental illness cases are referred for evaluation and treatment to a qualified licensed psychiatrist or psychiatric facility. My theoretical approach includes attachment theory, developmental and biological models of psychology, cognitive-behavioral theory and therapy for anxiety disorders, interpersonal theory and therapy for clinical depressive disorders, motivational interviewing for maladaptive behaviors in adolescents and adults, dialectical behavior theory and therapy for personality disorders, and family systems theory for parenting issues. A treatment plan is developed as a collaborative process, collecting important information from significant primary relationships, primary providers and employers where relevant. Client behavior choices, patterns of cognition and perception, and styles of attachment are explored. This allows an emphasis on wellness, accountability and connectedness to others.

The intersection between mental, emotional and physical health is also clarified allowing chronically ill clients to better understand and manage the impact of stressors on health and significant relationships. In order to protect client privacy and to maintain the highest quality of care, I follow the ethical principles for mental health treatment published by the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, and the National Board of Certified Counselors, and follow Washington State laws governing confidentiality. All consultations are confidential and full disclosure of my policies as a provider, including my confidentiality policy are provided at the first session each client attends. Office data storage and billing/claim procedures follow Federal law (HIPPA) standards for client security for personal health data. A signed release is required of all clients in this practice for any communication to be made to any other provider on behalf of that client from this office.